Integrated Systems


From design to build-from-print services, and from hardware to software, Patriot’s integrated solutions provide the quality, predictability, and flexibility that defense, commercial and international customers need.

At Patriot, each program is treated has our highest priority. Examples of these programs include:

Command Consoles

Our versatile consoles are designed to support air, sea, and land systems hosting applications, such as combat management, communications, radar, sonar, weapon control, ESM, and platform management.


Maritime Tablets

Our tablet integration involves creating a set of platforms that will allow the same OS image to operate on all systems. Design of the tablets maximizes functionality for your use, and can account for wide-temperature, afloat or ashore, and fixed or mobile operation.


Rapid Deployment Hadoop Cloud Platform

The cloud platform is a fully integrated server cluster that supports a distributed Cloudera (Hadoop) infrastructure. We’ll work with you to maximize performance through integration, documentation, deployment, and testing.


High-Density Compute Server

Our high-density compute server offering features a 4U server that integrates 24 discrete computing systems into one platform. The server supports N+1 power supplies and control access to each node.


Wi-Fi/Cellular/BT Sensor Testing Platform

Work with us to redesign an R&D testing platform into a production level environment, allowing the test to grow from one to 32 units every eight hours. The platform can simulate the movement of mobile devices.

Our Process

Integration is crucial to maximizing the power of your systems. Are you ready to enhance the functionality of what were previously stand-alone components? Let’s get started. We’ll work with you to provide systems for your unique needs.

How It Works

Patriot’s approach enables software, hardware, and application users to work seamlessly across a range of functional components, all as part of a whole cohesive solution.

By choosing Patriot, customers can leverage industry-leading expertise and follow a proven integration process. This includes:



Every customer need is unique and each has requirements that are different from the next; we take the time to get to know the company, the team members, and the problem, then design integration solutions that are aimed to address those needs.




Every solution starts with a blank slate; ideas and concepts that deliver a world-class solution to your business challenges are based on industry best practice with a unique vision for addressing and resolving the problems presented.



Implement the Integration

With a defined integration solution, our facilities and personnel are uniquely positioned to build and deploy the platforms and processes that will truly bring the disparate functional components of your systems into one cohesive solution.




Our value proposition doesn’t end when the integration is completed. We are still engaged with you to ensure success as you utilize enhanced functionality, to make maintenance predictable, to manage the solution on your behalf. We’re an ongoing trusted partner.

Ready to talk about your project? Connect with out business development team.