Industrial Control Systems Security & Monitoring

Modern innovations, such as smart meters and micro grids, have given utilities companies a new degree of control previously unavailable. However, with the convergence of the Internet and legacy infrastructure, this previously inconceivable access to unprotected control systems poses an industrial control systems security threat—requiring increased connectivity, remote monitoring, and control over aging control systems.

Industrial Control Systems Security Assessment

Remote Access to Industrial Control Systems

Our industrial control systems monitoring solution enables secure communication and control over DNP, Modbus, and other non-IP-based protocols, providing increased industrial control system security. Remote access streamlines common tasks including:

  • Software updates
  • Monitoring transmission rates (and identifying abnormal activity)
  • Status and error-code reading
  • Software-based troubleshooting and upkeep
  • Locating previously unrecognized systems

Industrial Control Systems Monitoring Solution

Bring Legacy Control Systems to Modern Networks

In many cases, upgrading industrial control systems to enable modern IP networks is expensive and in some scenarios impossible. With our solution, an authentic, secure connection can be established to modernize legacy systems without investing time and money to completely replace old equipment.

Manage the Security of Your Control Systems

We empower you by enabling real time visibility of key performance indicators so you’re never left wondering which device or system failed and the severity of that failure. With your devices networked and their activity recorded, you are able to detect, diagnose and respond proactively.

Decrease Costs by Removing Manual Maintenance

Stop sending technicians on-site to manage both small and potentially disastrous malfunctions. The remote monitoring of on-site systems enables predictive maintenance, system troubleshooting and remote software upgrading that typically requires manpower on site. With the automated exchange of system data, transportation and manual on-site activity costs are eliminated.

NERC CIP Compliance

Many are preparing for harsher NERC CIP audits accompanied by increasingly expensive fines for non-compliance. Patriot’s solution enables devices to be discovered, registered and continuously monitored. By gathering detailed status information on your critical assets you can quickly detect atypical activity and interpret your security posture. With this additional information, building reports that thoroughly document CIP requirements is simple.

Reach Out to Patriot & Manage Your Control Systems

Mass connectivity has come to control systems —and brought cost savings to utilities and customers alike. A modern control network requires a new kind of interface—one that provides insight, control, security, and ease of monitoring.

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