The greatest threat to your family’s security is not at your front door, it’s in your inbox.

HomeGuard brings enterprise-class network security solutions to your home. The same cyber security capabilities used by top government agencies and corporations around the world are now here to protect your family. Any device, any time of day, HomeGuard protects you from the complex and ever evolving malicious threats targeting not only high profile figures, but their families and homes as well.

Protect Your Family

Protect the cyber security of your home

Patriot Technologies has been providing innovative and expertly-designed cyber security solutions for over 20 years. HomeGuard brings this experience to your home, providing you the assurance you need to protect your family from cyber intrusions or breaches. With HomeGuard’s cutting-edge cyber security tactics, you can rest easy at night knowing that HomeGuard is protecting you 24 hours-a-day.

Enhanced Security:

  • Provides real-time threat intelligence updates.
  • Preventing network intrusions.
  • Blocks access to risky applications and websites.
  • Customizable to your family’s specific needs.

Malware Prevention:

  • Eliminates risk of a data breach or damage caused by malware.
  • Uses proactive technology to protect against even the most advanced malware.
  • Provides continuous protection.

Website Protection:

  • Blocks access and downloads from malicious websites.
  • Defends against threats with continuous updates based on automatic update.
  • Control blocking and filtering through policy-based methods.
  • Optimizes bandwidth usage on your network by ranking, or blocking traffic.

Complete Control:

  • Allows you to set policies which allow, deny, or limit specific applications.
  • Provides superior protection by blocking access to untrusted applications.

Included Services:

  • Configure, deploy, maintain and update throughout the life of the contract.
  • 24x7x365 support and monitoring including monthly reporting.

Protect Your Family


Patriot HomeGuard consultants will work with you to assess your environment and get you setup on the service as soon as possible. Request a more information here.