Hardware and Software Solutions

Patriot’s Hardware and Software Solutions enable software developers, application users and solution providers to optimize their applications on reliable, branded and customized hardware platforms.

Our comprehensive suite of hardware and software integration solutions and worldwide logistics services span the entire hardware manufacturing lifecycle. By choosing Patriot, customers can leverage appliance-based platforms with minimal investment and can realize the benefits of faster time-to-market, increased profitability and business growth.
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PatriotIcon-Consult-webEvery customer need is unique and each has requirements that are different from the next; we take the time to get to know the company and team members and the problem then design solutions that are aimed to address those needs; we identify the challenges by taking the time to listen to the customer to understand needs and unique challenges and then – and only then – do we propose an appropriate solution.


PatriotIcon-Design-webEvery solution starts with a blank slate; ideas and concepts that deliver a world-class solution to your business challenges are based on industry best practice with a unique vision for addressing and resolving the problems presented; our designs leverage the best of commercially available products and uniquely designed components to craft a world class, comprehensive design.


PatriotIcon-Integrate-webNo solution can stand alone; the optimum solution brings together various constituent pieces that result in a deliverable where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


PatriotIcon-Implement-webWith a defined solution, our facilities and personnel are uniquely positioned to build and deploy platforms and processes leveraging our global logistics, industry relationships and worldwide reach.


PatriotIcon-Manage-webOur value proposition doesn’t end when the product is shipped or the unit is turned on or the project is complete; we are still engaged with you to ensure success, to make maintenance predictable, to manage the solution on your behalf, and to be an ongoing trusted partner.