End-User Computing Solutions

Patriot is a trusted end-user computing services firm focused on security, organizational mobility, and reducing cost of ownership. Learn more about Patriot end-user computing solutions below.
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Secured Virtual Client Solutions (VDI)

Secured virtual client solutions allow end users to remotely access virtual desktops without creating network security vulnerabilities in the process. Patriot’s VDI solutions include design, training, installation services, and support services for the following:

  • Virtual desktop infrastructures
  • Secured virtual clients

Mobile Solutions

  • Desktop virtualization: Running desktop operating systems through a layer of software (hypervisor) as opposed to on a physical server consolidates desktops for easier management and more efficient use of computing resources.
  • Secure remote data access: Supporting mobile and BYOD trends requires remote data access through a number of devices and operating systems. Patriot mobile solutions maintain security regardless of the devices and systems supported.

Tailored Client Device Solutions

Patriot designs, engineers, and deploys tailored client device solutions catered to unique organizational needs. Custom devices have the potential to deliver transformational results by solving problems and streamlining processes with technology.

Enabling Solutions (End-User Enablement Solutions)

As high-speed internet and mobile devices become increasingly common, end users demand access to everything, anytime, from anywhere. Patriot’s enablement solutions focus on empowering the end user, responding to their needs, and improving their overall experience by providing “always on” access to documents, videos, and other critical data without compromising security.

Contact a Patriot End-User Computing Consultant

Patriot’s end-user computing consultants listen to understand your organization’s needs and are capable of delivering a tailored end-user computing solution that enables business mobility, reduces resource expenditures, and improves security. Contact a Patriot consultant now.