Security Forecast – 2009

Year 2009 holds promise…Barack Obama has taken office and he supports spending billions of dollars to increase the use of technology in the medical records (and other) areas; Green IT is getting bigger, expanding beyond desktops and monitors into data centers; virtualization promises to significantly reduce the physical number of systems we need; and so on.

But all is not butterflies and roses. We also have to deal with a bad economy, shrinking budgets and layoffs,.

As we say goodbye to 2008 there is no shortage of predictions for 2009–and the computer security industry is no different. Practically every trade/industry magazine will have an article/opinion or perspectives piece written by experts or through an interview with a staff writer. Some will be far off, but generally speaking, these prognosticators are fairly accurate. However, I think some of their predictions, like “more advanced viruses will show up” are common sense.

What I would like to hear are the predictions from those of you in the trenches. Given what you have read on your own, or heard from management, what are your predictions for IT security in 2009?

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