Wif-Fi/Cellular/BT Sensor Testing Platform

Customized Testing Services to Validate System Performance

Validating the performance of complex, customized systems can be a difficult task – but it’s essential, especially when the systems in need of validation are performing mission-critical operations.

Testing is key to ensuring functionality.

Patriot has worked with high-level organizations to design and implement sophisticated testing and validation solutions to ensure the peak performance of customized systems.

An Optimized Wi-Fi, Cellular, and Bluetooth Sensor Testing Platform

One implementation of a testing and validation solution was developed to simulate the presence and movement of Wi-Fi, cell, or Bluetooth devices.

  • Simulated cellphone testing.
  • Replicated the data of a cell phone in transit.
  • Allowed the test to grow from one to 32 units every eight hours.
  • Redesigned a testing platform into a production-level environment.

This testing system simulated the movement of devices throughout a network, allowing validation of the system designed to identify, notify, and tabulate device position.

Do you need to validate the performance of a customized system? We’ll work with you to maximize performance through integration, documentation, deployment, and testing.

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