High-Density Compute Server

Maximize Rack Space, the Power Supplied to a Rack, and Performance

Choosing high-density ensures that space within the rack and the power supplied to the rack is all being maximized. Not only that, but performance is maximized, too.

Patriot has the capability to design and implement high-density compute server solutions, optimized to unique needs.

Installations have included solutions with the following specifications:

  • Based on a series of extremely small, 4X4 motherboards
  • 50 total servers
  • 24 distinctly isolated motherboards, all completely discreet
  • Beowulf cluster implementation

This instance of a high-density compute server offering features a 4U server that integrates 24 discrete computing systems into one platform. The server supports N+1 power supplies and control access to each node for peak security and performance.

The benefits of high-density compute servers include:

  • Small footprint
  • High-density for optimized power and space
  • Efficient cost-level
  • Multiple processors


If cookie-cutter server solutions won’t cut it for your needs, it’s time to optimize. Choose a solution that will work for you.

Do you need high-density compute solutions? We’ll work with you to maximize performance through integration, documentation, deployment, and testing.

Get in touch with us to determine how to seamlessly implement the solution that’s best for you.