FORCE™ Neutral Host Combiner

ClearComm Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Patriot Technologies, introduces The FORCE™, a Neutral Host Combiner for Wireless and Public Safety applications. This combiner allows the low combining of multiple Wireless Carriers.

Ruggedized and Maritime Tablets

Our capabilities include the creation and integration of maritime tablets designed to perform to your needs, regardless of the circumstances. On land, at sea, or anywhere, these tablets can be designed for maximum functionality tailored to your use.

Command Consoles

Our versatile consoles are designed to support air, sea, and land systems hosting applications, such as combat management, communications, radar, sonar, weapon control, ESM, and platform management.

Wi-Fi/Cellular/BT Sensor Testing Platform

Work with us to redesign an R&D testing platform into a production level environment, allowing the test to grow from one to 32 units every eight hours. The platform can simulate the movement of mobile devices.

Rapid Deployment Hadoop Cloud Platform

Make data processing more efficient with a high-speed Hadoop infrastructure. Hadoop enables applications to run on systems with thousands of commodity hardware nodes, facilitating the processing of thousands of terabytes of data.

High-Density Compute Server

Our high-density compute server offering features a 4U server that integrates 24 discrete computing systems into one platform. The server supports N+1 power supplies and control access to each node.