Human Mind Hacking & Other Outrageous Cyber Security Predictions

Major Sporting Events Draw Major Cyber Attacks

The FIFA World Cup attracted much attention in 2010, with many victims falling for various scams, including counterfeit ticketing, fake merchandise and rogue travel agents. In the buildup to the 2012 Olympics look for criminals to use phishing techniques in offering fake tickets, spam that pushes other products but is littered with football references in the subject line and email body, fake travel and accommodation offers, and competitions for tickets and travel packages.

Cars  with computers will get hacked

By Stephen Northcutt

“This is fairly related to the OSI Layer 2 prediction. Cars aren’t cars anymore, they are computers with wheels. GM ships OnStar, Ford has Synch, most states require “hands free” operation so we have Bluetooth. Cars even have their own networking protocol. In 2011 and 2012 most of the hacking activity against cars will be boutique, just seeing how to do it. It won’t go into high gear unless someone can figure out how to monetize it. There is extortion of course, your wife is driving down an empty road at night in the cold and rain and the attacker uses something similar to the OnStar “Stolen Vehicle Assistance” to slow and stop the vehicle. Then the attacker demands your debit card number and PIN if you want the car to run again. That is one off and possibly requires human intervention and could be high risk to the criminal since you could call police on your cell phone and report the event. Of much greater concern is the eventual integration of your PDA to the car network especially if you get one of those nifty accept credit cards on your PDA applications.”

Human Mind Hacking

By Stephen Northcutt

“For over twenty years, there has been published information in the social sciences about planting false memories. A growing trend is when we are exposed to information that we do not like; you see this in politics a lot with the so-called liberal and conservative debate, the unwelcome information has a so-called backfire effect and reinforces our beliefs. If you listen carefully to someone that listens to Fox News all the time, you will come to realize Human Mind Hacking is real. Kathy and I ceased watching television over 25 years ago and I try to be careful about my news sources. You can never blindly trust in any one source…”

Peripherals Become Dangerous

In July 2010, there was an announcement that Dell Poweredge servers R410 replacement motherboards contained spyware. And we have seen digital picture frames, USB keys and the like that come with malware out of the box. However, it is only going to get worse. As organized crime seeks new ways to initially install malware as well as keep it in place in the presence of anti-virus software and endpoint whitelist technology, they will increasingly use device drivers and peripherals. In 2012, expect to read about more cases where malware is hidden in auxiliary parts of the computer and the operating system has no direct access. Also expect to see attacks against device drivers as well as malware pretending to be a device driver.