Critical Infrastructure Protection

While NERC compliance has been an ongoing process since 2007, many in the electricity sector are bracing for stricter audits—accompanied by hefty fines for non-compliance.

At Patriot, we recognize that electric utilities require a holistic, integrated approach to meet the cyber security standards mandated by FERC and enforced by NERC. Working with Patriot on the rules imposed by NERC-CIP, organizations have a true, trusted partner to deliver solutions that secure and protect critical assets while maintaining compliance. Our NERC-CIP practice is designed to navigate the complexities of the cyber security program components and assure the North American electric grid will not fail due to cyber vulnerabilities or attacks.

Patriot specializes in helping companies pinpoint and examine their critical assets and identify the cyber vulnerabilities that could result in a security breach—or worse—a system failure. Vulnerability assessment and reporting for audits is at the core of our NERC-CIP practice.

Whether you are working towards compliance with NERC-CIP, or if you have already been audited and the findings include recommendations for security solutions, we can help you with an actionable remediation roadmap to satisfy those requirements today.

View our critical infrastructure protection infographic or learn more about our offerings.