Communications Solutions

Any response to an incident requires clear communications, but when the event needs multiple agency responses, the communication challenge grows exponentially. Adding to the issue is the complexity of delivering a reliable signal to all positions in the venue. Implementations from skyscrapers to tunnels, Patriot’s communications solutions deliver the interoperability and reliability that is required to ensure successful communications in any response.

Patriot offers complete wireless solutions from creating the specifications to commissioning the final solution. We are solution pioneers in RF Coverage Extension into difficult to reach locations such as tunnels, airports, building, underground facilities and moving platforms. Our team brings over 40 years of proven record of deploying complex, long-lasting wireless systems, specializing in public safety.


PatriotIcon-Consult-webEvery customer need is unique and each has requirements that are different from the next; we take the time to get to know the environment and the problem then design solutions that are aimed to address those needs; we identify the challenges by taking the time to listen to the customer to understand needs and unique challenges and then – and only then – do we propose an appropriate solution.


PatriotIcon-Design-webEvery solution starts with a blank slate; ideas and concepts that deliver a world-class solution to your business challenges are based on industry best practice with a unique vision for addressing and resolving the problems presented; our designs leverage the best of commercially available products and uniquely designed components to craft a world-class, comprehensive design.


PatriotIcon-Integrate-webNo solution can stand alone; the optimum solution brings together various constituent pieces that result in a deliverable where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


PatriotIcon-Implement-webWith a defined solution, our team is uniquely positioned to deploy the platforms and processes leveraging our global logistics, industry relationships and worldwide reach.