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SSD vs HDD: Benefits of a Solid State Drive

Enterprise and consumer hardware has advanced in the last few years to the point that anything with moving parts becomes a significant bottleneck for data transfer. Hard disk drives (HDDs) are often the “weakest link” in serving information from a data center... Read More

Desktop Virtualization ROI – Is DaaS Worth it?

Desktop virtualization is an attractive option for organizations looking to simplify their computing solutions. In most cases, desktop virtualization boosts efficiency, increases productivity, and brings other cost-saving benefits. However, the time it takes to achieve a positive return on investment (ROI) from... Read More

Desktop Virtualization Hardware Requirements

One of the top trends for enterprises in 2015 is desktop virtualization, the ability to serve desktops to client devices without the need for expensive hardware. Though many enterprise decision makers are aware of desktop virtualization benefits, finding clear information about desktop... Read More

DaaS 101 – How Desktop as a Service Works

Organizations of all sizes looking for computing solutions should consider Desktop as a Service (DaaS), a type of virtual computing that has become especially popular recently due to advances in cloud computing technology. However, many organizations do not fully understand what DaaS... Read More