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In The End There Can Be Only One?

Cybersecurity Act 2009 – Review Part 1 This entry is one in a series of blog postings regarding a review of legislation currently before the US Congress. It should be noted that according to several sources there is a re-write of the bill,... Read More

It’s the Forest – Not the Trees

“Back in the day” (a phrase that amuses me due to its generality yet allusion to specificity–but I digress) when you needed to order office supplies you had to visit the supply room. When you needed additional raw materials you had to submit a... Read More

Pandemic Business Continuity Plan?

Recently I attended a webinar that discussed the need for a business continuity plan (BCP) in case a pandemic virus was to affect hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people around the world, possibly in your area. Obviously playing off of... Read More

Secure Coding and Academia

With increasing frequency Internet-based attacks are targeting specific applications. The need for security in application development has been discussed/debated for years, and as a result a new breed of security vendors was born (Veracode, Core Security, etc.). to combat these activities. But how... Read More

Security Forecast – 2009

Year 2009 holds promise…Barack Obama has taken office and he supports spending billions of dollars to increase the use of technology in the medical records (and other) areas; Green IT is getting bigger, expanding beyond desktops and monitors into data centers; virtualization promises to significantly reduce... Read More

Security as a Strategy Launch!

Welcome to Security as a Strategy! Patriot Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of our IT security blog…Security as a Strategy. The purpose of our blog is to promote the sharing of ideas, opinions and solutions related to IT security. We hope... Read More