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Securing Virtualized Apps

To secure a virtualized environment you must first understand the nature of the problem. And the nature of the problem is information, content and applications are now mobile and not necessarily tethered to a fixed location. Traditional security looks at the infrastructure,... Read More

Virtualized Security: an Oxymoron

Virtualization technology has been making its way into IT departments for years. It started in the datacenter as a means to consolidate servers and has seen increasing viability in an appliance form factor (virtual appliance). Simply, an appliance software solution has everything... Read More

Securing a Fool’s Paradise

“Italy convicts 3 Google execs in abuse video case,” was the title of the AP news story. Briefly, some thugs beat, punished and humiliated an autistic person. And then were foolish enough to video tape the attack and post it online. The... Read More

Smart Grid Invites Hope and Fear

I took the challenge to wade through 300 pages of NIST’s (National Institute of Standards and Technology) second draft of NIST IR 7628, Smart Grid Cyber Security Strategy and Requirements. My head is still ringing.  What is it? The nation’s electric power... Read More

Attack of the Red Dragon: China Claws Google

In their official corporate blog last month, Google reported attacks originating from China on certain Gmail accounts. Further investigation revealed the Gmail accounts belonged to Chinese human rights activists. And then they found that accounts of dozens of U.S., China and Europe-based... Read More

How to Attack Gas, Water & Nuclear Plants

The Department of Energy (DOE) has a goal to secure control systems used in the energy sector from malicious cyber attacks-attacks that could lead to potentially catastrophic disruptions in our critical infrastructures. As part of this effort, DOE created a document called “Roadmap... Read More

Obama’s Focus on Secure Collaboration

The failed attack on a U.S. airliner on December 25, 2009 prompted U.S. President Barack Obama to focus on the state of collaboration between U.S. intelligence and security agencies. President Obama stated, “The bottom line is this: the U.S. government had sufficient... Read More

Risky Behavior: Securing Credit Card Data

Over 234 million consumer credit card records with sensitive information have been breached since January 2005, according to Privacy Rights The seriousness of this problem begs us to examine the gap between meeting industry compliance requirements and the securing of confidential... Read More

Global Security Threats in 2010

Professor Howard A. Schmidt, White House CyberSecurity Advisor and CEO of Information Security Forum, was speaking recently on the emerging threats created by the global economic upheaval. As businesses of all size expand, via the Internet, to engage with sales, production and... Read More