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Choosing Computer Hardware for Appliance Development

One of the biggest mistakes software companies make when creating an appliance is rushing the hardware decision. For convenience, developers often load their software onto existing servers or hardware not optimized for their applications. During the inevitable rush to market, this can result in... Read More

Hardware Security Threats with Global Sourcing

When your software evolves to a certain state, non-specific hardware can become a hindrance to overall performance. The next logical step is to build custom hardware that creates a fully controlled environment. However, when your engineering process includes components sourced overseas, malicious... Read More

Four Sourcing Challenges for Hardware Engineering

Inevitably, there comes a time in every software developer’s life when their thoughts turn to hardware. The right hardware configuration, when paired with your software, goes a long way to giving the end user an outstanding experience. However, while designing software is... Read More

The Evolution of Digital Signage Marketing Strategy

Capturing the attention of your customers and prospects gets progressively more difficult as consumers become jaded about marketing. Traditional attention marketing tools like static signage and billboards are ignored as their constant message doesn’t apply to everyone who reads it. The secret... Read More