About Us

Patriot Technologies, Inc. is the trusted advisor that provides secure, tailored hardware and software solutions to our global customers based on a thorough understanding of their business environment, market developments, and organizational goals. Government and commercial organizations rely on Patriot to deliver a solution that leverages and goes beyond industry standard products. We can address all aspects of a technology development life-cycle – from consulting and designing a solution, to integrating, implementing, and managing the ultimate deliverable. The company has a proven track record of success with hardware and software solutions with an emphasis on security.

Patriot’s Hardware and Software Solutions enable customers’ developers, application users and solution providers to optimize their applications on a reliable, branded and customized hardware platform. Our comprehensive suite of hardware and software integration solutions and worldwide logistics services span the entire hardware manufacturing life cycle, including consulting and designing platforms, to integrating with complementary components, and then implementing/deploying the deliverable and managing the on-going supply chain.

Patriot’s Information Security Solutions are focused on minimizing the security risk that all organizations face today. From our practice area expertise in mobile security, managed security services and traditional security consulting to our partnerships with leading security technology vendors, Patriot concentrates on the optimization, consolidation, and visibility of network security. We can address all aspects of a security life-cycle— from consulting and designing a solution to integrating, implementing, and managing the ultimate deliverable.

Headquartered in Frederick, MD, Patriot is privately held and serves thousands of customers worldwide.