Cyber Security Solutions

Patriot has been successfully developing innovative cyber security solutions for our global customers, in both government and commercial sectors, for over nineteen years.

Hardware and Software Solutions

Patriot’s Hardware and Software solutions enable software developers, application users and solution providers to optimize their applications on reliable, branded and customized hardware platforms.

Infrastructure Protection / Control Systems Monitoring

Stop wondering how you’ll react when legacy devices fail. Our solution enables remote access to legacy control network devices.

Mobile Security Solutions

Patriot Technologies Mobile Device Security Management (MDSM) services and platforms help our customers make the most of the mobility assets they already possess, allow for the secure introduction and use of employee-owned devices (BYOD), and support enterprise-wide mobility initiatives.

Specialized Hardware

Patriot’s Atlas product line consists of medical devices, POS devices and rugged tablets that are manufactured according to our client’s specifications. Each device can be fully customizable, from application integration to branding.

Network Security Solutions

As organizations continue to trend towards always connected, information everywhere environments from the likes of BYOD, social, mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT) new concerns for network security arise.