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Common SCADA System Threats and Vulnerabilities

As any IT manager understands, particularly those managing SCADA and industrial control networks, keeping SCADA systems safe from security threats isn’t just about peace of mind. These systems control critical components of industrial automation networks. If there’s a problem with them, essential... Read More

Think About Breach Readiness to Achieve Security

Studies show that nearly 50% of companies had at least one security incident during the last year prompting organizations to increase their security budgets to try to protect themselves. But, while IT has the responsibility for data breach protection, it's the business... Read More

How Android For Work Will Transform Enterprise Mobility

Earlier this year, Google announced Android for Work. This new functionality leverages the power of the Android platform, making them even more effective tools for enterprise organizations. Though the technology is still new, there are exciting implications for companies with bring-your-own-device (BYOD)... Read More

Choosing Computer Hardware for Appliance Development

One of the biggest mistakes software companies make when creating an appliance is rushing the hardware decision. For convenience, developers often load their software onto existing servers or hardware not optimized for their applications. During the inevitable rush to market, this can result in... Read More